System Security and Adversarial Machine Learning [2016-present]

Host: Prof. Prateek Mittal

Fog/Edge Computing and Networks [2017-present]

Host: Prof. Mung Chiang


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, 2016

Advisor: Prof. Niraj K. Jha

Thesis: Addressing Security and Privacy Challenges in Internet of Things

Areas of Interest: Security, IoT, and ML

M.A., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, 2014

Advisor: Prof. Niraj K. Jha

B.Sc., Computer Engineering, Sharif University, 2012

Academic Advisor: Prof. Hossein Sameti ; Research Advisor: Prof. Shohreh Kasaei

Thesis: Structure Recovery with Adaptive Scale Kernel Consensus Estimator

Areas of Interest: Computer Vision, ML, and Healthcare